Sea front batteries in the inner line

When the first world war broke out 1914, most of the sea front batteries were dated back to the end of
19th century. In the picture 280 mm (11") coastal cannon, model 1877 in the island of Kustaanmiekka, Suomenlinna museum fortress. (1997)

A wheelbarrow style carriage for 229 mm (9") projectile in Suomenlinna-Museum. (1998)

Vil 57
The most important fairways to harbours were protected by 57 and 75 mm rapid fire guns. In the picture: The battery for four rapid fire guns in the island of Itä-Villinki. (1983)

A 57 mm (6 pounder) QF Nordenfelt coast defence gun. Photo: Ove Enqvist. (1999)

Pih 1 C
A emplacement for 75 mm anti aircraft cannon. Itäinen Pihlajasaari. (1983)


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