Sea front fortifications

Itš-Villingin kartta
Island of Itš-Villinki belongs to the outer line of sea front. There were the 254 millimeters (10") battery and the 57 mm rapid fire battery. You can choose different constructions from the map with mouse and watch the pictures.

All outer line batteries were designed for four guns. 254 mm (10") cannons had biggest range, about 20 kilometers, but the rate of fire was only one shot in two minutes. 152 mm (6") Canet-cannons had faster rate of fire. The gunnery of inner line islands was more miscellaneous and older. In the beginning of the war there were still 152 mm (6"), 229 mm (9") and 280 mm (11") cannons and mortars which models were from 1860 - 1870'ies. Most of these pieces were moved to the land front during the war.

57 and 75 millimeters rapid fire cannons were planned to prevent attacks of the fast torpedo boats. These guns could be fired 15 - 20 rounds per minute. There were search lights on the islands for night fights and for controlling minefields close by.

Fire command posts were strong concrete or steel turrets. Naturally, all islands have own magazines for ammunitions and barracks for accommodation. There was usually a narrow gauged railway between the quay, magazines and batteries.

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