Sea front batteries in outer line

Vil 254
Modern concrete batteries were built in the outer islands during the war. In the picture: A battery for four 254 mm (10") cannons in the island of Itš-Villinki. (1983)

Iso 254B
A battery for four 254 mm (10") guns in the island of Isosaari. Four emplacements and shelters between them. Wide ramps slope to entrances of shelters.

Kat 254
A 254 mm (10") 45 caliber coastal gun, carriage model Durlacher. Katajaluoto. (1984)

Kat 254
A hand-operated shot hoist on the island of Katajaluoto. There is a small carriage for a shell on the left hoist frame. (1984)

Har 152
152mm (6") Canet-cannons on the island of Harmaja. (Photo: Suomenlinnan Rannikkorykmentin perinneyhdistys)

Vil 254
A recess for the icon of the battery has beatyful granitic frames. Island of Itš-Villinki. (1983)


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