Search lights and power stations

Iso 8
A search light position. Inside of the concrete construction is the power station (a) and shelter (b). The search light was lifted up to working position (c). (The original source of edited picture: Suomenlinnan Rannikkorykmentin perinneyhdistys.)

Kat 3
Search light position on the island of Katajaluoto. Search light was lifted up from the underground
shelter to the top of the concrete tower. (1984)

Kat 3
Steel hatches on the top of the search light tower. Katajaluoto. (1984)

Vil 2A
Robust armored doors (height three meters) of the search light shelter and the power station in the island of Itš-Villinki. The shelter is located in the inner part of the island.

Vil 2B
From the shelter the search light was moved along the tracks to the working position on the shore. In the picture: Forsaked carriage along the track. Itš-Villinki. (1983)

Vil 2C
A search light working position on the shore, is shallow concrete reinforced hollow. Itš-Villinki. (1983)

Kat 5
Power stations gave power also for mine fields which located between the fortified islands. In the picture: Entrance to the power station on Katajaluoto. (1984)


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